Web-portal for cloud-based services

The STC company had created its new cloud service for automatic speech-to-text, text-to-speech and biometrics technologies. We’ve had to develop a web-portal for that service based on a previously established technological platform. It was required to create the portal itself, personal account pages for users, administrators, demo web-apps for different technologies (ASR, TTS, Voice biometry), plug in billing and payment systems Yandex and SberID.
Volume: 3 person-years
Services: Project management, architecture development, code development, documentation, QA
Duration: 2018-2020
Technologies: Angular, Spring Boot, Flyway, PostgreSQL
Average estimation of similar project: $ 180 000
The client noted that its vision of this project may be changed, and requirements will be corrected. We agreed that the project will be completed stage-by-stage. There were 3 main stages in total, each 3-4 months long. As the client reserved technical support of this product for itself, we have been keeping the code into the code versioning system of our client since the second stage of our work.
A feature of this project was a necessity to prepare detailed documentation according to the client’s standards.
The project lasted for a substantial period of time due to significant pauses during which the client re-estimated its vision and requirements. The development of this service continues.
Final architecture: