Purpose: used as an element of a biometric access control system.
How it works: this module accepts photos of faces as a form of input and provides the probability of whether a live person was in front of the camera.
Result: protects the face access control system from hacking through photos, videos, masks.
Use cases:
  • Access control systems
  • Mobile applications with increased security requirements (password storage, instant messengers, mobile banks, social networks)
Today almost any service or device has a face recognition feature. However, the majority of modern face recognition systems can be easily tricked. Printed or digital photos, video recordings, paper or silicone 3D masks are the most popular methods of achieving this.
The InReal component can be installed as a module for any biometrical system and provide additional security for you. This component was developed using machine learning techniques. Multi-layer neural network finds minute features of fake images. The component works in a passive mode, so there is no reason to engage in any additional actions during biometry check such as smiling, winking or opening the mouth.
Scheme of work: