Resource management software for a large scale project office

Our client has a spacious project office with hundreds of simultaneous projects. The main problem was their opacity for stakeholders. As a result, there was a long alignment process for new or re-estimated projects. Fortunately, the client had a pure vision of how to rebuild its processes and tools, that helped us to rapidly prepare a prototype for a new project management tool. At the end of the project we delivered a production version of this tool and integrated it with SAP accounting and human resource systems.
Volume: 1 person-years
Services: prototyping, design, code development, QA, documentation
Duration: 1H 2020
Technologies: Java, FlyWay, React, Redux, PostgreSQL
Average estimation of similar project: $ 30 000
Many project activities of our client were managed by different disparate tools and statuses of project budgets could be obtained only as excel files after special requests to the accounting service. Therefore, actual data on the project status (labor costs, budget balance) were formed with delays and mistakes. It led to significant errors in resource planning and budgets. As a side effect, the project approval process took substantially longer than anticipated.
Luckily, the client came to us with a vision for new project office tools and it took us only 2 months to create a prototype of those tools. The prototype gave us the possibility to accurately collect requirements and surprisingly opened the customer’s unexpected problems in the existing tools. After another 4 months we delivered the project to trial operation.
This is a web application that allows, from any workplace access to real-time, up-to-date budget for any project or display statistics of project groups and different company divisions load. A significant feature of the system is the possibility to make online estimations for new projects and to receive immediate budget balance.
The final stage of this work was fine tuning of connectors to the existing information systems and correcting data inconsistency.
As a result, with only one web-app, it became possible to correct any project in real-time, see budget changes, estimate margins. Worktime data converts into write-offs of budgets. Moreover, continually actual data for workload of any division provides a new level of human resource planning and hiring process. Therefore, the client received the desired transparency of its project office. To provide one quantitative example, the project alignment process has been reduced from 3 to 1 week.