Visual tool for production processes modeling and optimization

This project originated from the Netherlands. A client offered us the opportunity to participate in the development of a new version of the program designed to model and analyze production processes. We have created a new visual editor to create and modify process models and integrate them with a simulation server.
Volume: 1 person-years
Services: architecture development, code development, documentation, QA.
Duration: 2019-2020
Technologies: Java, Springboot, JavaScript, Angular, Electron.
Average estimation of similar project: $ 37 000

This was an interesting project. A team from one of the top universities in the Netherlands which heavily focused on the problem of modelling and optimization discrete dynamic processes, such as production processes, have prepared a new version of their algorithms based on Colored Petri Nets (CPN). This required a new visual interface for their tool. We participated in this project with deep collaboration with their scientific team. The development process was split into several phases and involved weekly video conferences with the client for conducting incremental delivery of the new features, refinements, planning and clarifying the requirements.

We tried to deeply involve our client into the development process as we had to deal with relatively complex mathematical models. As a result, with use of the Electron framework we have created a cross-platform application that includes the following components:
  • a stand-alone server providing validation and simulation of models created by a user;
  • a graphical user interface that is more modern and clear than the previous one and contains new features of the CPN IDE.